Ben Greer

I would like to put my decades of experience to work for you. I've spent years building relationships with sub-contractors and consultants so Greer Construction can handle projects of all types with efficiency, integrity and excellence.

Work Samples

Measure of Success

Having our first-time clients become long-time clients is how we know we are doing things right.

Open Communication

Clear communications with clients, consultants and sub-contractors, resolves issues quickly and efficiently when they arise.

On Time & On Budget

With streamlined systems in place, we deliver what we say, when we say.
Our Motto: Teamwork is Contagious

At Greer Construction in Boulder, Colorado we strive to create a team oriented, solution focused environment where everyone works toward the common goal of a successful project. This differentiates us from other General Contractors who are profit oriented, which may create contentious relationships with other members of the construction team.

To achieve a team oriented, pleasant construction experience Greer Construction builds relationships, not just structures. Our team-oriented philosophy results in the following relationships:


Commercial business owners are focused on their business, as they should be.  The General Contractor should guide the client through the process with patience and integrity. The process should be exciting and rewarding, not stressful and contentious.

Trust is not always inherent with the word “contractor”. Greer Construction in Boulder, Colorado strives to overcome these stereotypes through our actions. We earn trust by being open and honest in every stage of the process. We earn trust by giving honest, complete bids where we understand the entire scope of work. We lose bids by being honest and thorough and that’s just fine. Let others look for change order loopholes, Greer Construction builds our reputation around integrity.


Architects, engineers, and other design professionals are key team members in the construction process. Working together for the good of the project results in high quality projects that are delivered on time. We analyze the plans and specifications for constructability, cost efficiency, lead time issues, code conflicts, phasing, quality of componentry, etc. We then work with the architect to resolve any issues up front before the project begins, to avoid issues (and change orders) before they happen. During the project we work closely with Architect to ensure construction is to the highest standards.


Subcontractors perform a majority of the work on any given project. As General Contractors, we understand that our work is only as good as our subcontractor’s work. Subcontractors are treated with respect, and their professional opinions are honored. Conflicts are avoided by having a clear understanding of the scope, and executing a good, thorough subcontract agreement. Because we treat our subs well, we have built up a pool of subcontractors who we can count on to perform quality work for a very competitive price.